Cosimo Inferrera

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In gastric carcinomas, including 20 cases of intestinal type and 10 cases of diffuse type, in adenomas with mild to severe dysplasia (20 cases), and in hyperplastic polyps (10 cases), the presence of lactoferrin was investigated by immunohistochemistry. Incomplete or complete intestinal metaplasia or both and normal gastric mucosa were also tested.(More)
The authors have studied the pancreas of a premature female infant born to a diabetic mother. The findings included a peri-insular eosinophilic leucocyte infiltration, macropolinesia and a marked increase in B cells. In the exocrime parenchyma small B cells aggregates were also observed. B cells contained voluminous hypercromatic muclei and degranulated(More)
Several lines of evidence indicate that neutrophils act nonspecifically against tumor cells. The correlation between tumor-infiltrating neutrophils (TINs) and clinicopathological features remains unclear and deserves to be investigated. To analyze the prognostic influence of TINs in gastric carcinoma, the authors selected 273 patients with advanced gastric(More)
Mast cells are frequently found in close proximity to blood vessels and have been implicated in tumour angiogenesis. The aim of the present ultrastructural study was to characterize, in detail, the mutual association between mast cells and microvasculature in 9 cases of advanced gastric carcinoma. Perivascular mast cells were ultrastructurally identified as(More)
The phenomenon of neutrophil-tumor cell emperipolesis or phagocytosis has been documented by light microscopy in various human carcinomas, but little is known about the cellular pathological processes and the morphological changes involved. In an attempt to clarify the nature of this phenomenon, the authors' ultrastructural studies on the relationships(More)
The authors examined 25 minute early gastric cancers (EGC) and 13 small EGC in order to investigate the incidence and possible causes for the infiltration of eosinophils. The degree of eosinophil infiltration was higher in tumour stroma than in adjacent normal-appearing mucosa; this correlation was statistically significant (P < 0.001). Tumour-associated(More)
BACKGROUND Tumor-associated tissue eosinophils have been observed in human tumors and experimental tumor models, but their function is poorly understood. MATERIALS AND METHODS One case of intestinal-type adenocarcinoma of the stomach, mainly infiltrated by eosinophils, is studied by light and electron microscopy, focusing on the relationships between(More)
The ultrastructural features associated with vascular permeability in 9 cases of advanced gastric carcinomas were studied, and compared with that of control non-neoplastic mucosa. Tumour microvasculature showed features in common with those of control mucosa, including complete basal lamina, well-developed interendothelial junctions, fenestrations and(More)
The authors studied the mast cells by light and electron microscopy in four small intramucosal early gastric cancers (EGC). Mast cells were found in the tumor stroma and among neoplastic cells of adenocarcinoma glands. Stromal and adenocarcinoma-infiltrating mast cells were ultrastructurally identified as T mast cells, and exhibited anaphylactic or(More)