Cory Shoemaker

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Analyses of pelagic limestones indicate that the flux of extraterrestrial helium-3 to Earth was increased for a 2.5-million year (My) period in the late Eocene. The enhancement began approximately 1 My before and ended approximately 1.5 My after the major impact events that produced the large Popigai and Chesapeake Bay craters approximately 36 million years(More)
Reduction-oxidation or redox potential is typically collected by measuring redox at a single time interval and returning to the electrode to collect subsequent intervals to generate a temporal gradient of changes in redox. Typically, intervals between sampling are on the scale of hours, days, and weeks, rather than one, five, or 20 minutes due to logistical(More)
The Hubble Space Telescope observed the fragmented comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 (1993e) (P indicates that it is a periodic comet) on 1 July 1993. Approximately 20 individual nuclei and their comae were observed in images taken with the Planetary Camera. After subtraction of the comae light, the 11 brightest nuclei have magnitudes between approximately 23.7 and(More)
Excess nutrient loading from agricultural landscapes contributes to downstream water quality degradation. To mitigate these issues, agricultural drainage ditches have recently gained attention as potential sites for nutrient reduction. We examined the effects of vegetation and hydrology on oxidation-reduction (redox) potential. Testing occurred in an(More)
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