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Studies of biological systems are often facilitated by diagram models that summarize the current understanding of underlying mechanisms. The increasing complexity of our understanding of biology necessitates computational models that can extend these representations to include their dynamic behavior. We present here a new tool we call Synthesizing(More)
Automatic generation of correct software from requirements has long been a “holy grail” for system and software development. According to this vision, instead of implementing a system and then working hard to apply testing and verification methods to prove system correctness, a system is rather built correctly by construction. This problem, referred to as(More)
Live Sequence Charts (LSCs) is a scenario-based language for modeling object-based reactive systems with liveness properties. A tool called the Play-Engine allows users to create LSC requirements using a point-and-click interface and generate executable traces using features called play-out and smart play-out. Finite executable trace fragments called(More)
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