Cory Hendrickson

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Modulated-demodulated control is an effective method for asymptotic disturbance rejection and reference tracking of periodic signals, however, conventional static phase compensation often limits the loop gain in order to avoid sensitivity function peaking in a neighborhood of the frequencies targeted for rejection or tracking. This paper introduces dynamic(More)
This paper proposes the addition of dynamic phase compensation to modulated-demodulated controllers used for disturbance rejection/reference tracking and demonstrates a novel application of repetitive control for pulsed jet injection. In cases where a plant has rapidly varying phase near the frequency or frequencies to be controlled, conventional static(More)
This paper describes an approach to periodic reference tracking in a fundamental pulsed jet injection experimental study. The objective is to match the jet’s temporal velocity profile to a periodic reference for purposes of studying the mixing dynamics between the jet and surrounding fluid. The challenge lies in controlling the highly nonlinear and poorly(More)
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