Cory Fox

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Modern storage consists of many optimizations along the data path, from the front-end file system cache and disk layout management to the back-end disk controller cache and on-disk caching. Various components generally exploit the temporal and spatial localities of a workload to improve performance. However, how localities of a workload are transformed by(More)
SYNOPSIS The advantage of establishing routine collaboration between European national and multinational agencies to maximise benefits from operational monitoring programmes has been recognised by EuroGOOS. However, in practice, such collaboration has proven difficult to establish and sustain, partially as a result of funding constraints. Nevertheless as(More)
Temporal and spatial locality are often discussed concerning various file-system and storage related areas. Although commonplace however, the current research methods to accurately quantify this characteristic are still not mature. In this paper we attempt to observe and analyze the effects that memory size, web-crawlers, and duration have on locality(More)
This paper explores the design and implementation of the Fast Integer Search (FIS) algorithm. We discuss work previously done on the topic of integer searches and then present our own solution to this problem. Our solution uses a combination of existing data structures; the trie, the linked list and the hash table in an attempt to achieve a running time of(More)
The use of these data is limited to academic and educational uses only and not for any commercial purposes without a licence from CEFAS. The data are provided “as is” and in no event shall CEFAS be liable for any damages, including, without limitation, any disruption, damage and/or loss to your data or computer system that may occur while using this site or(More)
Parallel matrix transpose algorithms on distributed memory concurrent computers. Prospectus for the development of a linear algebra library for high performance computers. A portable linear algebra library for high-performance computers. Optimal minimum spanning tree broadcasting in mesh-connected architecture. A scalable linear algebra library for(More)
Temporal and spatial localities are basic concepts in operating systems, and storage systems rely on localities to perform well. Surprisingly, it is difficult to quantify the localities present in workloads and how localities are transformed by storage data path components in metrics that can be compared under diverse settings. In this paper, we introduce(More)
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