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Rotationally invariant quadratures for the sphere
We construct near-optimal quadratures for the sphere that are invariant under the icosahedral rotation group. These quadratures integrate all (N+1)2 linearly independent functions in a rotationallyExpand
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Lagrange Discrete Ordinates: A New Angular Discretization for the Three-Dimensional Linear Boltzmann Equation
Abstract The classical Sn equations of Carlson and Lee have been a mainstay in multidimensional radiation transport calculations. In this paper, an alternative to the Sn equations, the “LagrangeExpand
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Asymptotic analysis of collision-induced timing shifts in return-to-zero quasi-linear systems with predispersion and postdispersion compensation.
An asymptotic method for calculating the collision-induced frequency and timing shifts for quasi-linear pulses in return-to-zero, wavelength-division multiplexed systems with predispersion andExpand
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Assessment of the Lagrange Discrete Ordinates Equations for Three-Dimensional Neutron Transport
Abstract The Lagrange Discrete Ordinates (LDO) equations, developed by Ahrens as an alternative to the traditional discrete ordinates formulation, have been implemented in Denovo, a three-dimensionalExpand
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Periodic-Group-Delay Dispersion Compensation Reduces Collision-Induced Timing Shifts in Dispersion-Managed Quasilinear Systems
Periodic-group-delay (PGD) dispersion-compensation modules have recently been proposed as mechanisms to alleviate collision-induced timing shifts in dispersion-managed (DM) systems. We obtainExpand
We use generalized Gaussian quadratures for exponentials to develop a new ODE solver. These generalized Gaussian quadratures integrate functions eibx for all |b| ≤ c, where the nodes and weights areExpand
Resolving Rapid Variation in Energy for Particle Transport
Resolving the rapid variation in energy in neutron and thermal radiation transport is needed for the predictive simulation capability in high-energy density physics applications. Energy variation isExpand
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