Corwin A. Robertson

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Covalent intermediates between topoisomerase I and DNA can become dead-end complexes that lead to cell death. Here, the isolation of the gene for an enzyme that can hydrolyze the bond between this protein and DNA is described. Enzyme-defective mutants of yeast are hypersensitive to treatments that increase the amount of covalent complexes, indicative of(More)
We report a laboratory-confirmed case of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in a pregnant woman. Although the patient had respiratory failure, a healthy infant was subsequently delivered, and the mother is now well. There was no evidence of viral shedding at delivery. Antibodies to SARS virus were detected in cord blood and breast milk.
Recent emergence of a virulent strain of Clostridium difficile demonstrates the importance of tracking C. difficile incidence locally. Our survey of New Jersey hospitals documented increases in the rates of C. difficile disease (by 2-fold), C. difficile-associated complications (by 7-fold), and C. difficile outbreaks (by 12-fold) during 2000-2004.
BACKGROUND High-dose inactivated influenza vaccine (IIV-HD) is an alternative to the standard-dose inactivated influenza vaccine (IIV-SD) in the United States for influenza prevention in older adults. IIV-HD improved efficacy relative to IIV-SD in a randomized controlled trial. Recent observational studies suggest that previous influenza vaccination may(More)
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