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Calibration of color cameras requires that a calibration pattern is recorded and color responsivity curves are estimated from the recorded data. Very often, these curves are sampled at discrete wavelength , so that the calibration problem can be written as a system of linear equations. The solution of the – usually overdetermined – problem is subject to a(More)
Shortening chopping length at harvest of biogas crops is a basic method of mechanical pretreatment that potentially affects subsequent conservation and biogas production processes. The objective of this study was to assess the influence of a wider range of particle size distributions achieved by laboratory chopping and of practice-oriented short and very(More)
Reducing chopping length for biogas crop harvesting is a pretreatment method to support the processes of ensiling and methane formation, yet it also increases expenditures at harvest. To assess environmental performance and economic viability, the effects of reducing chopping lengths from common to very short settings on energy balance, greenhouse gas(More)
The present study was designed to determine if speech recognition performance will improve after subjects prepare for an unfamiliar communication situation as opposed to a familiar one. Forty-five normal-hearing subjects were divided into three groups: one trained using a well-known fairytale, one trained using an obscure fable, and one without training.(More)
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