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A Multilevel Analysis of the Vulnerability, Disorder, and Social Integration Models of Fear of Crime
The current research tests three conceptual models designed to explain citizens’ fear of crime—vulnerability, disorder, and social integration. These models are assessed for differential impactExpand
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Physically forced, alcohol-induced, and verbally coerced sexual victimization: Assessing risk factors among university women
Using survey responses from a sample of 185 college women enrolled at a large northwestern university, this study identified the various risk factors related to three different forms of verbally andExpand
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Male Peer Support and the Police Culture : Understanding the Resistance and Opposition of Women in Policing
Research has established the historical underrepresentation of women in policing and the oppression these women have faced in terms of occupational opportunities and social encounters with maleExpand
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Gender, race, and formal court decision-making outcomes: Chivalry/paternalism, conflict theory or gender conflict?
A significant body of research examines the influence of offender gender on court-related decision making and typically finds that women deemed "worthy of protection" are afforded greater leniencyExpand
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An Investigation of the Relationship between Self-Control and Alcohol-Induced Sexual Assault Victimization
Recently, scholars have begun to examine victim self-control as a correlate of vulnerability to general victimization. The scope of victimization contained among the studies testing this relationshipExpand
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Sexual Assault on the College Campus
Research on college sexual assault has focused on offender behavior to understand why men perpetrate sexual violence. Dominant theories have incorporated forms of male peer support, paying particularExpand
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The Intergenerational Transmission of Intimate Partner Violence: Differentiating Correlates in a Random Community Sample
The current study used a random sample of 502 men and women to investigate the intergenerational transmission of violence and assess the impact of family-of-origin violence on later adult intimateExpand
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Examining the empirical relationship between prison crowding and inmate misconduct: A meta-analysis of conflicting research results
Incarceration rates in the United States dramatically increased over the past several decades. This trend has drawn significant academic attention to prison overcrowding and its potential effect onExpand
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Assessing the Effect of Routine Activity Theory and Self-Control on Property, Personal, and Sexual Assault Victimization
This study used a sample of 2,230 female university students to assess the applicability of routine activity theory and self-control on property, personal, and sexual assault victimization. ResultsExpand
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