Corry van den Bosch

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In 1998/1999, an outbreak of mumps occurred among children of a religious community in North East London. A case control study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of the mumps component of the MMR vaccine. One hundred and sixty-one cases of mumps were identified and 192 controls were selected. Fifty-one percent of cases and 77% of controls had a(More)
SETTING England. OBJECTIVE To investigate the proportion of tuberculosis (TB) cases attributable to recent transmission and factors associated with clustering. DESIGN Demographic, clinical and microbiological surveillance data were collated from all new culture-confirmed cases in 1998. Using insertion sequence (IS) 6110 restriction fragment length(More)
Certain infectious agents are associated with lymphomas, but the strength of the association varies geographically, suggesting that local environmental factors make important contributions to lymphomagenesis. Endemic Burkitt's Lymphoma has well-defined environmental requirements making it particularly suitable for research into local environmental factors.(More)
Burkitt's lymphoma, an Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-associated non-Hodgkin's malignant lymphoma is endemic in an area of Africa known as the Lymphoma Belt. This zone is demarcated by climatic requirements of temperature and rainfall. EBV-activating plant factors are among several co-factors which have been proposed for the development of epidemic Burkitt's(More)
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