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The utility was explored of a new approach to detect retrospectively exposure to nerve agents by means of conversion of the inhibitor moiety bound to the active site of the enzyme BuChE in plasma with fluoride ions into a phosphofluoridate which is subsequently analyzed by means of gas chromatography (GC). This quantifies >or=0.01% inhibition of BuChE and(More)
To study the origin of replant disease of Ammophila arenaria (L.) Link the growth and development in sand originating from the rhizosphere of a natural Ammophila vegetation was compared with the growth in sand from the sea-floor. In a greenhouse experiment, the growth of Ammophila seedlings in rhizosphere sand, when compared with that in sea sand, was(More)
Stereoselective hydrolysis at pH 7.5 and 37 degrees of C(+/-)P(+/-)-soman by liver homogenate and plasma from rat, guinea pig and marmoset, and by human plasma is studied by using the four single stereoisomers. The fast hydrolysis of the C(+/-)P(+)-isomers is monitored titrimetrically, whereas the decay of the much slower reacting C(+/-)P(-)-isomers is(More)
Ineffective Frankia endophytes were retrieved from various wet soils by using Alnus glutinosa clones as trapping plants. No pure cultures could be isolated from these ineffective nodules. Therefore, the phylogenetic position of these endophytes was determined by sequence analysis of cloned PCR products of bacterial 16S rDNA, derived from nodules. The(More)
The production of antibodies against the organophosphorus hapten soman has been undertaken in vivo in rabbits and in vitro by employing monoclonal techniques. The polyclonal rabbit antibodies did not cross-react with soman but were inhibited by soman analogs in a competitive inhibition enzyme immunoassay ( CIEIA ). In contrast the monoclonal antisoman(More)
To test the usefulness of immunotherapy in organophosphate poisoning, two mouse monoclonal antibodies were prepared to the chemical warfare agent soman. The antibodies bound reversibly to soman and afforded considerable protection to acetylcholinesterase in vitro. However, they were only marginally effective in preventing the consequences of soman poisoning(More)
Concentrations of C(+/-)P(+/-)-soman (1,2,2-trimethylpropyl methylphosphonofluoridate) in urine of anaesthetized, atropinized and artificially ventilated rats, guinea pigs and marmosets were determined 1-4 h after iv administration of 1-6 LD50 of the agent and in the kidneys 1 h after iv administration of 2-6 LD50 14C-C(+/-)P(+/-)-soman. The concentrations(More)
The efficacy of oral vaccination for hemorrhagic enteritis of turkeys was assessed by comparing flocks raised on the same premises, under the same management, with and without vaccination. The immunizing virus, a strain of marble spleen disease virus of pheasants, was administered via the drinking water. Vaccinated and unvaccinated turkeys differed(More)