Corry van Dijk

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Succession is one of the most studied processes in ecology and succession theory provides strong predictability. However, few attempts have been made to influence the course of succession thereby testing the hypothesis that passing through one stage is essential before entering the next one. At each stage of succession ecosystem processes may be affected by(More)
To study the origin of replant disease of Ammophila arenaria (L.) Link the growth and development in sand originating from the rhizosphere of a natural Ammophila vegetation was compared with the growth in sand from the sea-floor. In a greenhouse experiment, the growth of Ammophila seedlings in rhizosphere sand, when compared with that in sea sand, was(More)
The utility was explored of a new approach to detect retrospectively exposure to nerve agents by means of conversion of the inhibitor moiety bound to the active site of the enzyme BuChE in plasma with fluoride ions into a phosphofluoridate which is subsequently analyzed by means of gas chromatography (GC). This quantifies ≥0.01% inhibition of BuChE and(More)
Factors affecting the establishment of Alnus/Frankia symbioses were studied partly by following the survival ofFrankia strains exposed to different soil conditions, and partly by investigating the effect of pH on nodulation. TwoFrankia strains were used, both of the Sp− type (sporangia not formed in nodules). One of the strains sporulated heavily, while the(More)
 The effect of vegetation composition on various soil microbial properties in abandoned arable land was investigated 2 years after agricultural practice had terminated. Microbial numbers and processes were determined in five replicate plots of each of the following treatments: continued agricultural practice (monoculture of buckwheat in 1997), natural(More)
A physiologically based model was developed which describes the in vivo toxicokinetics of the highly reactive nerve agent C(±)P(±)-soman at doses corresponding to 0.8–6 LD50 in the atropinized guinea pig. The model differentiates between the summated highly toxic C(±)P(−)-soman stereoisomers at supralethal doses and the individual nontoxic C(±)P(+)-isomers.(More)
A survey was carried out at nine locations in the Dutch coastal foredunes to identify the species of soil borne fungi and nematodes associated withAmmophila arenaria (Marram grass).Ammophila arenaria is a sand binding grass that is very important for the stabilization of coastal foredunes. Degeneration of the plants occurs at stabilized sites and is(More)
Growth of 2-month-old nonnodulatedHippophaë rhamnoides seedlings supplied with combined N was compared with that of nodulated seedlings grown on zero N. Plant growth was significantly better with combined N than with N2 fixation and, although not statistically significant for individual harvests, tended to be highest in the presence of NH 4 + , a mixture of(More)
The role of harmful soil organisms in the degeneration ofAmmophila arenaria at coastal foredunes was examined by the growing of seedlings ofA. arenaria in soil samples collected from its root zone. Three sites, each representing a successive stage in foredune succession were examined: (1) a highly mobile dune (sand accretion of 80 cm year−1) with vigorousA.(More)
Biotic factors in the rhizosphere and their effect on the growth ofPlantago major L. ssp.pleiosperma Pilger (Great plantain) were studied. In a pot experiment the effect on shoot growth of the addition of 2.5% rhizosphere soil at four levels of phosphate was highly dependent on the availability of phosphate: a promoting effect at low phosphate levels was(More)