Corrine L Maydonovitch

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Colonoscopy remains the gold standard for colorectal cancer screening. Many barriers to the procedure exist including the possibility of abdominal discomfort that may occur with insufflation. Carbon dioxide (CO2), which is rapidly absorbed in the blood stream, is an alternate method used to distend the lumen during colonoscopy. The goal of this study was to(More)
control of ‘Severe NVUGI bleeding.’ Methods: 16 healthy individuals were randomized to receive pantoprazole 80mg IV bolus followed by infusion at the rate of 8mg/h (Group A, n 8) or pantoprazole with ranitidine 100mg IV bolus followed by infusion at a rate of 12.5mg/h (Group B, n 8) and intragstric pH recording done for 24 h. In addition, 38 patients of(More)
compared to treated patients (1.4/hr). Sleep related quality of life was significantly poorer in patients with reflux and obstructive sleep apnea (2.5 0.89) compared to patients without reflux and without sleep apnea (3.7 1.2; p 05). Patients with sleep apnea and no reflux disease (3.3 0.9) had intermediate values.. Multiple regression analysis demonstrated(More)
Purpose: Data examining age and gender specific differences in distribution of non achalasia esophageal motility abnormalities are limited. Our goal was to determine age and gender specific incidence of non achalasia esophageal motility abnormalities from a single center over ten years. Methods: Retrospective database review identified 2200 esophageal(More)
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