Corrine F Elliott

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The stability and reactivity of the multiple oxidation states of aromatic compounds are critical to the performance of these species as additives and electrolytes in energy-storage applications. Both for the overcharge mitigation in ion-intercalation batteries and as electroactive species in redox flow batteries, neutral, radical-cation, and radical-anion(More)
The substitution of sterically bulky groups at precise locations along the periphery of fused-ring aromatic systems is demonstrated to increase electrochemical oxidation potentials by preventing relaxation events in the oxidized state. Phenothiazines, which undergo significant geometric relaxation upon oxidation, are used as fused-ring models to showcase(More)
Phenothiazine and five N-substituted derivatives were evaluated as electrolyte additives for overcharge protection in LiFePO4 /synthetic graphite lithium-ion batteries. We report on the stability and reactivity of both the neutral and radical-cation forms of these six compounds. While three of the compounds show extensive overcharge protection, the(More)
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