Corrina A. Kane

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Wnt signaling is a critical regulatory pathway in development and disease. Very little is known about the mechanisms of Wnt signaling in prostate cancer, a leading cause of death in men. A quantitative analysis of the expression of Wnt5A protein in human tissue arrays, containing 600 prostate tissue cores, showed >50% increase in malignant compared to(More)
We studied Joseph disease clinically and pathologically in two patients of Portuguese ancestry, but from different families. We found involvement of spinocerebellar tracts, Clarke's column, anterior horn cells, motor cranial nerve nuclei, and substantia nigra. One patient also had pallidosubthalamic and pontocerebellar degeneration with normal inferior(More)
We present the pathologic findings, including electron microscopy, in one of two affected borthers with severe progressive myoclonus epilepsy, beginning in our patient at the age of 10 and leading to death at age 23. At autopsy there was widespread and marked neuroaxonal dystrophy, severe cerebellar atrophy, and tract degenerations in the gracilis columns(More)