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Contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) is one of the most frequent causes of acute kidney injury in hospitalized patients. Its incidence depends on patient risk factors (chronic kidney disease, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and older age) and procedure-related factors (high contrast dose, intraarterial administration). Chronic kidney disease, especially if(More)
We report a case of idiopathic hypereosinophilia syndrome (H.E.S.) with a pronounced myeloproliferative disorder, which during the course of the illness has exceeded more than one "blastic crisis". This again proposes the difficult relationship between H.E.S. and myeloproliferative syndromes (M.S.), and is indicative of why some cases of H.E.S. are(More)
Bernard-Soulier's syndrome (BSS) is a familial hemorrhagic disease that is not very common, but its hemostatic defects have not been explained satisfactorily. In this paper the authors comments on the lack of Ib and Is glycoproteins in the platelet membrane, which is the basic characteristic of platelets with BSS. These proteins contain large amounts of(More)