Corrado Rizzoli

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BACKGROUND A school based health promotion intervention was performed with the aim of increasing physical activity and improving the dietary habits of primary school pupils, using integrated educational strategies involving schools, families, public bodies, sports associations and public health operators. METHODS The intervention concerned 11 classes(More)
A new pyrazinoporphyrazine macrocycle carrying externally appended pyridine rings, tetrakis-2,3-[5,6-di(2-pyridyl)pyrazino]porphyrazine (hydrated), [Py(8)TPyzPzH(2)].2H(2)O, was prepared in high yield by direct cyclotetramerization of the precursor, 2,3-dicyano-5,6-di(2-pyridyl)-1,4-pyrazine, [(CN)(2)Py(2)Pyz], in the presence of(More)
The extent of the urine Colony Stimulating Factor (CSF/u), as well as the Colony Stimulating Activity (CSA) of peripheral-white blood cells (WBC) were evaluated in two groups of patients with myeloproliferative disorders, at the disease onset. The first patient group deals with Primary Myelofibrosis (PM), whereas the second group deals with Chronic(More)
In patients undergoing plastic surgery, donor sites were treated with soft pads of freeze-dried N-carboxybutyl chitosan to promote ordered tissue regeneration. Compared to control donor sites, better histoarchitectural order, better vascularization and the absence of inflammatory cells were observed at the dermal level, whilst fewer aspects of proliferation(More)
Shear bond strength of seven dentin bonding systems (DBS) was evaluated. After shear bond testing, the specimens were analyzed under scanning electron microscope (SEM). Buccal dentin just below the dentin-enamel junction of erupted third molars of young subjects were used. A statistical difference was observed among the material bond values. SEM examination(More)
Chitosan ascorbate, obtained by mixing chitosan with ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate, was produced in a gel form suitable for the treatment of periodontitis according to current dental surgery. While chitosan ascorbate underwent degradation in vitro, especially in the presence of atmospheric oxygen and at pH 6.0, the protection from oxygen offered by the(More)
Recrystallization of the previously reported monosolvated bis(phthalocyaninato)niobium(IV), [Pc2Nb].CINP (CINP = 1-chloronaphthalene), has allowed isolation of a single crystal of a new solvated form, i.e. [Pc2Nb]. 3.5CINP, whose structure has been elucidated by X-ray work: space group P2(1)/n (No. 14); a = 16.765(3), b = 23.800(4), c = 19.421(4) A; alpha =(More)
Human skin fibroblasts from young and old donors were cultured in vitro and compared in their mitochondrial morphology and function. A decreased numerical density of mitochondria in the fibroblasts from old individuals was balanced by the increased size of individual mitochondria. The mitochondrial membrane potential, estimated in the intact cells by the(More)
The reaction of 2-phenyl- and 1-methyl-2-phenylindole with nitrogen dioxide or with nitrous acid (NaNO2-CH3COOH) in benzene leads mainly to the formation of the isonitroso and 3-nitroso indole derivatives, respectively. When reacted with nitrous acid, 1-methyl-2-phenylindole gives also the corresponding azo-bis-indole in good yields. The reaction of indole(More)
Reported herein is a combination of experimental and DFT/TDDFT theoretical investigations of the ground and excited states of 1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-Octabutoxyphthalocyaninato-nickel(II), NiPc(BuO)(8), and the dynamics of its deactivation after excitation into the S(1)(pi,pi) state in toluene solution. According to X-ray crystallographic analysis NiPc(BuO)(8)(More)