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 The latest trends in the paper industry have been towards manufacturing by a neutral or alkaline process, greater consumption of secondary fibres and the closing-up of the process water systems. Under these conditions of papermaking, the problems of deposits, corrosion and odours due to the microbiological activity increase considerably and therefore,(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary function testing is widely accepted as an integral part of medical surveillance of occupational lung diseases. There are several cross-sectional studies evaluating lung function among asbestos-exposed workers, but only few longitudinal surveys have been performed. OBJECTIVES To evaluate, over a mean follow-up period of 3.7 (SD 1.8)(More)
BACKGROUND Occupational respiratory allergy to green coffee beans (GCB) and to castor beans (CB) was studied in 112 workers in a modern coffee manufacturing plant of Trieste (Italy), where the process is completely automatic, the environmental conditions are good and where exposure to CB can be considered absent because since 1970, only new sacks have been(More)
BACKGROUND Nosocomial transmission of varicella-zoster virus, certain paramixovirus and rubivirus might pose a risk of morbidity for varicella (V), rubella (R), mumps (Mu) and measles (Me) in health care workers (HCW), patients and coworkers. International literature and European legislation recommend preventive interventions to minimize the risk. METHODS(More)
Platelet aggregation and blood clotting parameters were studied in 22 workers (84 %) using pneumatic riveting and grinding hand tools and in 20 workers (90 %) not exposed to vibration but comparable with respect to age, anthropometric data, smoking and drinking habits, and atherogenic risk factors. The weighted acceleration levels of the vibrating tools are(More)
BACKGROUND Asbestos-induced mesothelial inflammatory processes are thought to be the basic mechanisms underlying Malignant Mesothelioma (MM) development. Detection of MM often occurs at late stage due to the long and unpredictable latent period and the low incidence in asbestos exposed individuals. The aim of this study was to investigate early(More)
The authors report on pollution measures in some operating theatres and consider biological data for the hepatic and hemopoietic functions in operating room personnel and in control groups. Waste gas concentrations range from 17.3 to 22.6 ppm for enfluorane and from 500 to 1275 for N2O in theatres not equipped with antipollution systems. Pollution is 3-8(More)
The use of enzymes has a high potential in the pulp and paper industry to improve the economics of the paper production process and to achieve, at the same time, a reduced environmental impact. Specific enzymes contribute to reduce the amount of chemicals and energy required for the modification of fibers and helps to prevent the formation or development of(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate prospectively the relation between vibration-induced white finger (VWF), exposure to hand-transmitted vibration (HTV) and the cold response of digital arteries in users of vibrating tools. METHODS Two-hundred and sixteen HTV workers and 133 control men of the same companies underwent initially a medical examination and a(More)
A survey was carried out on respiratory symptoms and skin prick test response to common allergens (atopy), storage mites, and occupational allergens among 226 bakers and pastry makers from 105 small businesses in northern Italy. Atopy was present in 54 workers (23.4%); 40 workers (17.7%) were skin positive to at least one storage mite, 27 (11.9%) to wheat(More)