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The relationship between viral load, disease severity and antiviral immune activation in infants suffering from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)-associated bronchiolitis has not been well identified. The main objective of this study was to determine the existence of a correlation between RSV load and disease severity and also between different clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Human bocavirus (HBoV) was first discovered in Sweden in 2005 and has now been found worldwide; however its role in clinically relevant diseases has not yet been clearly defined. OBJECTIVES To gain new insight into HBoV infection among children hospitalized with acute respiratory infections in Rome. METHODS Between November 2004 and May 2007,(More)
Human rhinoviruses (HRV) have been re-classified into three species (A–C), but the recently discovered HRV-C strains are not fully characterized yet. This study aimed to undertake a molecular and epidemiological characterization of HRV strains infecting children hospitalized over one year in two large research hospitals in Rome. Nasal washings from single(More)
Bacterial translocation as a direct cause of sepsis is an attractive hypothesis that presupposes that in specific situations bacteria cross the intestinal barrier, enter the systemic circulation, and cause a systemic inflammatory response syndrome. Critically ill children are at increased risk for bacterial translocation, particularly in the early postnatal(More)
  • Ambra Nicolai, Raffaella Nenna, Paola Stefanelli, Anna Carannante, Concetta Schiavariello, Alessandra Pierangeli +7 others
  • 2013
BACKGROUND Preliminary results suggest that pertussis infection might be considered in infants during a seasonal respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) outbreak. METHODS In order to analyze clinical features and laboratory findings in infants with pertussis hospitalized for acute respiratory symptoms during a seasonal RSV outbreak, we conducted a retrospective(More)
Despite early surfactant therapy, betterventilator strategies and greater use of noninvasive positive pressure ventilation, bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)continues to be a complication of premature births. The mainstay of supportive care for infants with severe BPD is mechanical ventilation with an endotracheal tube, however treatmentcan last for a long(More)
The control system of breathing can be considered as a closed loop system, consisting of two subsystems: the controlling system and the controlled system. Both systems are defined by their input-output relationships. The controlling system is defined by the Respiratory Centers that are responsible for two separate, but overlapping, patterns: the automatic(More)
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