Corrado Manara

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Baker-Beynon duality theory yields a concrete representation of any finitely generated projective Abelian lattice-ordered group G in terms of piecewise linear homogeneous functions with integer coefficients, defined over the support |Σ| of a fan Σ. A unimodular fan ∆ over |Σ| determines a Schauder basis of G: its elements are the minimal positive free(More)
We define the entropy, lower and upper entropy, and the conditional entropy of a dy­ namical system consisting of an effect algebra with the Riesz decomposition property, a state, and a transformation. Such effect algebras allow many refinements of two partitions. We present the basic properties of these entropies and these notions are illustrated by many(More)
We study the entropy mainly on special effect algebras with (RDP), namely on tribes of fuzzy sets and cr-complete MV-algebras. We generalize results from [14] and [15] which were known only for special tribes. We continue the study of entropy. In Part I, we have introduced basic properties of entropy. Here we concentrate mainly on the state space which(More)
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