Corrado Di Natale

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Background: Exhaled air contains many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced during human metabolic processes, in both healthy and pathological conditions. Analysis of breath allows studying the modifications of the profile of the exhaled VOCs due to different disease states, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The early diagnosis of(More)
Food analysis is a complex discipline involving many d i fferent basic sciences. A manifold of diff e r e n t principles of instrumental is currently investigated and used for the analysis of foods and beverages. At industrial level, the objectives of these measurements are mostly concerned with the safety (e.g. the search for contaminants), the composition(More)
The accuracy of integrated sensors is often limited by errors of the electronic interface; this is the case in most low voltage–low power integrated sensor systems. In this paper we describe the dynamic op amp matching (DOAM) technique; the circuits using the dynamic op amp matching (DOAMCs) are a new type of circuits using dynamic element matching (DEMCs).(More)
In low voltage low power CMOS systems both the high input offset and noise voltages of MOSFETs and also the moderate gain of op amps limit the accuracy of analog circuits. In this paper we present a new high-accuracy instrumentation amplifier; this circuit topology is the first ever reported "non-autozero" instrumentation amplifier which allows to(More)
Electronic interfaces Christian Falconi a,∗, Eugenio Martinelli a, Corrado Di Natale a, Arnaldo D’Amico a,b,c, Franco Maloberti d, Piero Malcovati e, Andrea Baschirotto f, Vincenzo Stornelli g, Giuseppe Ferri g a Department of Electronics, University of Tor Vergata, Via Politecnico 1, 00133 Rome, Italy b CNR IMM, Via Fosso del Cavaliere, 100, 00133 Rome,(More)
Research on automatic emotion recognition from speech has recently focused on the prediction of time-continuous dimensions (e.g., arousal and valence) of spontaneous and realistic expressions of emotion, as found in real-life interactions. However, the automatic prediction of such emotions poses several challenges, such as the subjectivity found in the(More)
Porphyrins provide an excellent material for chemical sensors, and they have been used for sensing species both in air and solution. In the gas phase, the broad selectivity of porphyrins is largely dependant on molecular features, such as the metal ion complexed at the core of the aromatic ring and the peripheral substituents. Although these features have(More)
Artificial Olfaction (AO) data analysts have gained long term experience on nervous system based machine learning metaphors such as Artificial Neural Networks. In this work we propose and evaluate the use of a novel tool based on an emerging, however, powerful metaphor: the Artificial Immune Systems (AIS). AIS models were developed in the '90s; ever since(More)