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BACKGROUND Epidemiological studies about atopic dermatitis (AD) almost exclusively relate to childhood disease with little mention of adult-onset disease. In clinical practice, however, patients who have AD and in whom the onset of disease occurs in adult life are sometimes seen. OBJECTIVE Because the subjects with a chronic and recalcitrant eczema are(More)
BACKGROUND The atopy patch test (APT), namely the patch test with aeroallergens, is regarded as specific for patients with atopic dermatitis (AD), but small numbers of positive APT were reported in the past also in atopic subjects without dermatitis and in healthy persons. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the response to the APT with house(More)
BACKGROUND The most frequently employed diagnostic criteria of atopic dermatitis (AD) can be fulfilled in the absence of elevated total circulating IgE or specific IgE to food allergens or environmental aeroallergens and/or in the absence of personal or familial history of atopy as well. Therefore a distinction between 'extrinsic' or 'allergic' and(More)
In Europe more than 50% of asthmatic treated patients have a not well-controlled asthma. The present survey aims at investigating how different specialists approach asthmatic patients. A web anonymous questionnaire was randomly administered to 604 General Practitioners (GPs), 241 Pneumologists and 131 Allergists. It concerned: epidemiology, diagnostic(More)
This study pointed out an induced electric field originated from two radio aerials and measured on two cranes being in an neighbour building site. On the basis of the results of the calculations effectuated, it has been showed that the values of the electric field were within the IRPA reference values; although these values, the metallic structures of the(More)
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