Corrado Boragno

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We present a critical view of the analysis of experimental island densities acquired as a function of temperature in terms of barriers and prefactors for tracer diffusion at surfaces. We investigate the achievable precision for methods ranging from simple application of scaling laws, via integration of mean-field rate equations within various approximations(More)
We propose a method for the separation of long DNA molecules, based on elastomeric nanochannels with tunable cross section. These nanocon-finement structures can be used to stretch DNA molecules and lower their con-formational entropy. The sieving mechanism of entropic recoil, proposed by Cabodi et al. [1], will be implemented using an array of elastomeric(More)
The development of the Internet of Things infrastructure requires the deployment of millions of heterogeneous sensors embedded in the environment. The powering of these sensors cannot be done with wired connections, and the use of batteries is often impracticable. Energy harvesting is the common proposed solution, and many devices have been developed for(More)
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