Corrado Atzeri

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Here, we report the antiproliferative/cytotoxic properties of 8-hydroxyquinoline (8-HQ) derivatives on HeLa cells in the presence of transition metal ions (Cu(2+), Fe(3+), Co(2+), Ni(2+)). Two series of ligands were tested, the arylvinylquinolinic L1-L8 and the arylethylenequinolinic L9-L16, which can all interact with metal ions by virtue of the N,O donor(More)
The paramagnetic one-dimensional 1H NMR spectra of twelve LnIIINaI(OAc)4[12-MCMnIII(N)shi-4] complexes, where LnIII is PrIII-YbIII (except PmIII) and YIII, are reported. Their solid-state isostructural nature is confirmed in methanol-d4 solution, as a similar pattern in the 1H NMR spectra is observed along the series. Notably, a relatively well-resolved(More)
The thermodynamic stability of the metallacrown complexes formed by picolinehydroxamic acid (Picha) with Cu(ii), Ni(ii) and Zn(ii) in aqueous solution has been determined by potentiometry, and the speciation models were validated by ESI-MS and UV-visible spectrophotometry. Cu(ii) and Zn(ii) form 12-MC-4 species as the unique metallacrowns present in the(More)
A 12-metallacrown-4 (MC) complex was designed and employed as the building block in the synthesis of coordination polymers, one of which is the first permanently porous MC architecture. The connection of the four-fold symmetric MC subunits by Cu(II) nodes led to the formation of 2D layers of metallacrowns. Channels are present in the crystalline(More)
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