Cornelius Welter

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OBJECTIVE A number of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes participating in tumorigenesis have been identified, one of them being nm23. The expression of the candidate tumor suppressor gene nm23 depends on the cell type of tumors. Both, reduced expression as well as overexpression of nm23 is associated with a high potential of malignancy. In a variety of(More)
DNA sequence amplification is a phenomenon that occurs predictably at defined stages during normal development in some organisms. Developmental gene amplification was first described in amphibians during gametogenesis and has not yet been described in humans. To date gene amplification in humans is a hallmark of many tumors. We used array-CGH (comparative(More)
Cells are open, highly ordered systems that are far away from equilibrium. For this reason, the first function of any cell is to prevent the permanent threat of disintegration that is described by thermodynamic laws and to preserve highly ordered cell characteristics such as structures, the cell cycle, or metabolism. In this context, three basic categories(More)
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