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Structural similarities between the RNAs of two satellites of tobacco necrosis virus.
The complete nucleotide sequence of satellite tobacco necrosis virus 2 (STNV-2) RNA has been determined. It has the same organization as the previously studied STNV-1 RNA. The 5' untranslated regionsExpand
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RNA pseudoknots: Translational frameshifting and readthrough on viral RNAs
Ribosomal frameshifting on retroviral RNAs has been proposed to be mediated by slippage of two adjacent tRNAs into the — 1 direction at a specific heptanucleotide sequence. Here we report aExpand
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In-vitro translation of cucumoviral satellites III. Translational efficiencies of cucumber mosaic virus-associated RNA 5 sequence variants can be related to the predicted secondary structures of
The cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) satellites D- and S-CARNA 5 (CARNA 5= Cucumber mosaic virus-Associated RNA 5), their full-length cDNA clone transcripts, and DNA clone transcripts of their openExpand
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