Cornelius Pöpel

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A new approach to computer music instruments is described. Rather than sense control parameters from acoustic instruments (or non-acoustic instrument controllers), the sound of an acoustic instrument is used directly by a synthesis algorithm, usually replacing an oscillator. Parameters such as amplitude and pitch can control other aspects of the synthesis.(More)
While many new interfaces for musical expression have been presented in the past, methods to evaluate these interfaces are rare. This paper presents a method and a study comparing the potential for musical expression of different string-instrument based musical interfaces. Cues for musical expression are defined based on results of research in musical(More)
Being one of the earliest electronic instruments the basic principles of the Theremin have often been used to design new musical interfaces. We present the structured design and evaluation of a set of 3D interfaces for a virtual Theremin, the VRemin. The variants differ in the size of the interaction space, the interface complexity, and the applied IO(More)
Many fascinating new developments in the area bowed stringed instruments have been developed in recent years. However, the majority of these new applications are either not well known, used or considered in a broader context by their target users. The necessary exchange between the world of developers and the players is rather limited. A group of(More)
A system is introduced that allows a string player to control a synthesis engine with the gestural skills he is used to. The implemented system is based on an electric viola and a synthesis engine that is directly controlled by the unanalysed audio signal of the instrument and indirectly by control parameters mapped to the synthesis engine. This method(More)
The rapid development of network communication technologies has allowed composers to create new ways in which to directly engage participants in the exploration of new musical environments. A number of distinctive aesthetic approaches to the musical application of networks will be outlined in this paper each of which is mediated and conditioned by the(More)