Cornelius Köpp

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With today's computing power, it is easy to generate huge amounts of data. The real challenge lies in adequately condensing the data in decision making processes. Here, the focus is on ensemble data that typically arises when distributions of forecasts are generated for several time steps in the future. Often a distribution is aggregated by taking an(More)
künftige Entwicklung eines hochschulweit integrierten Forschungsressourcen-managements. 1 Einleitung Die Bedeutung von drittmittelgeförderter Forschung für deutsche Hochschulen nimmt seit Jahren kontinuierlich zu. Dies ist zum einen darauf zurückzuführen, dass die Grundmittelversorgung nicht im Verhältnis zu den Kosten gestiegen ist. [1] Für die(More)
In today`s mobile world, people demand access to learning materials and courses anytime and anywhere. There is a high market potential for m(obile)-learning services, but the mere existence of such services does not mean market readiness. Added values of m-learning services are necessary to attract new users. Mobile technologies both expand and constrain(More)