Cornelius Croitoru

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The aim of this paper is to introduce a new evolutionary formulation of the graph coloring problem, based on the interplay between orderings and colorings of vertices. The new formulation breaks symmetry in the solution space and provides opportunities for combining evolutionary and other search tehniques. Our formulation is very simple compared to previous(More)
Constraint satisfaction arises in many domains in different forms. Search and inference compete for solving constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) but the most successful approaches are those which benefit from both techniques. Based on this idea, this article introduces a new scheme for solving the general Max-CSP problem. The new approach exploits the(More)
In this paper we introduce a new graph based bidding language for combinatorial auctions. In our language, each bidder submits to the arbitrator a generalized flow network (netbid) representing her bids. The interpretation of the winner determination problem as an aggregation of individual preferences represented as flowbids allows building an aggregate(More)
Weighted constraint satisfaction problems are difficult optimization problems that could model applications from various domains. Evolutionary algorithms are not the first option for solving such type of problems. In this work, the evolutionary algorithm uses the information extracted from the previous best solutions to guide the search in the next(More)
Many difficult computational problems from different application areas can be seen as constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs). Therefore, constraint satisfaction plays an important role in both theoretical and applied computer science. Constraint satisfaction deals essentially with finding a best practical solution under a list of constraints and(More)