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Paraffin pneumonia is a common form of poisoning, but pneumatoceles are an uncommon complication. This is a report of 6 patients who developed pneumatoceles after the ingestion of paraffin. These children's ages varied from under 18 months to 4 years; they were clinically more ill and were hospitalised longer than those who did not develop pneumatoceles.(More)
Antibody-drug conjugates exhibit complex pharmacokinetics due to their combination of macromolecular and small molecule properties. These issues range from systemic concerns, such as deconjugation of the small molecule drug during the long antibody circulation time or rapid clearance from nonspecific interactions, to local tumor tissue heterogeneity, cell(More)
Near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence imaging is widely used for tracking antibodies and biomolecules in vivo. Clinical and preclinical applications include intraoperative imaging, tracking therapeutics, and fluorescent labeling as a surrogate for subsequent radiolabeling. Despite their extensive use, one of the fundamental properties of NIR dyes, the(More)
Low and heterogeneous delivery of drugs and imaging agents to tumors results in decreased efficacy and poor imaging results. Systemic delivery involves a complex interplay of drug properties and physiological factors, and heterogeneity in the tumor microenvironment makes predicting and overcoming these limitations exceptionally difficult. Theoretical models(More)
Wesselsbron disease (WSL) was diagnosed in a 2-d-old lamb on a farm in the north-eastern Free State Province where a few abortions and neonatal deaths occurred in sheep in April 1994. The liver of the lamb was slightly swollen and orange-brown and, microscopically, it revealed single or small groups of necrotic hepatocytes that were randomly scattered(More)
Paraffin pneumonia is a common form of poisoning but pneumatocoeles are an uncommon complication. This is a report of the computerized tomography (CT) of seven patients who developed pneumatocoeles after the ingestion of paraffin. The finding on the CT are presented and the situation and characteristics of the pneumatocoeles are indicated.
Monoclonal antibodies labeled with near-infrared (NIR) fluorophores have potential use in disease detection, intraoperative imaging, and pharmacokinetic characterization of therapeutic antibodies in both the preclinical and clinical setting. Recent work has shown conjugation of NIR fluorophores to antibodies can potentially alter antibody disposition at a(More)
A study of the mantle technique for Hodgkins disease patients was embarked upon using thermoluminescent dosimetry (TLD) and a RANDO phantom. There was concern that the technique using Co-60 and turning the patient over for the posterior field may not be optimal as it was felt that the axillary areas of these patients were being under-dosed. A variety of(More)
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