Corneliu Tomiuc

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The urban driving environment is a complex and demanding one, requiring increasingly complex sensors for the driving assistance systems. These sensors must be able to analyze the complex scene and extract all the relevant information, while keeping the response time as low as possible. The sensor presented in this paper answers to the requirements of the(More)
This paper proposes a new approach for a vehicle based pedestrian detection and classification system. The pedestrian detection is performed based on the 3D data by generating a density map. Pedestrian classification uses a pattern matching approach and exploits both 2D image information and 3D dense stereo information. Because 3D information accuracy does(More)
Pedestrians are the most vulnerable participants in urban traffic. The first step toward protecting pedestrians is to reliably detect them. We present a new approach for standing- and walking-pedestrian detection, in urban traffic conditions, using grayscale stereo cameras mounted on board a vehicle. Our system uses pattern matching and motion for(More)
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