Corneliu Toma

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Moving object detection and tracking in video surveillance systems is commonly based on background estimation and subtraction. For satisfactory performance in real world applications, robust estimators, tolerating the presence of outliers in the data, are needed. Nonparametric kernel density estimation has been successfully used in modeling the background(More)
This paper evaluates the performance of a nonparametric robust image registration method based on the mean shift algorithm, which could successfully replace the random sampling algorithms. Therefore it realizes a comparative study between the proposed nonparametric method and other two important robust random sampling methods, RANSAC and MLESAC. These(More)
This paper investigates the possibility of using image registration techniques to solve node localization problem in a wireless sensor network based on video sensors. Moreover, the proposed solution adds video-field overlap estimation to classical spatial localization. Several registration algorithms are analyzed and tested for performance evaluation.
UNLABELLED In this paper we discuss the problem of computer aided evaluation of the severity of steatosis disease using ultrasound images. The AIM of the study being to compare the automatic evaluation of liver steatosis using random forests (RF) and support vector machine (SVM) classifiers. MATERIAL AND METHOD One hundred and twenty consecutive patients(More)
− Background estimation and subtraction is a critical and time consuming step in moving object segmentation for video surveillance. Nonparametric kernel density estimation has been successfully used in modeling the background statistics, due to its capability to perform well without making any assumption about the form of the underlying distributions. To(More)
Parameters extracted from time activity curves in contrast enhanced ultrasound images play an important role in independent or computer aided diagnosis of hepatic focal lesions. Due to noise and errors induced by movement of ultrasound probe and breathing of patients, reproducible extraction time activity curve parameters is challenging. In this paper we(More)
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