Corneliu T. C. Arsene

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Time-to-event analysis is important in a wide range of applications from clinical prognosis to risk modeling for credit scoring and insurance. In risk modeling, it is sometimes required to make a simultaneous assessment of the hazard arising from two or more mutually exclusive factors. This paper applies to an existing neural network model for competing(More)
1. ABSTRACT Probabilistic Finite Element (FE) models have recently been developed to assess the impact of experimental variability present in knee wear simulator on predicted Total Knee Replacement (TKR) mechanics by determining the performance envelope of joint kinematics and contact mechanics. The gold standard for this type of analysis is currently the(More)
Keywords: Decision support system Operational control of water distribution systems Loop corrective flows equations Modeling and simulation Neural network Graph theory a b s t r a c t This paper presents an efficient and effective decision support system (DSS) for operational monitoring and control of water distribution systems based on a three layer(More)
This paper presents a simulation scheme for water distribution systems based on loop equations. Water networks are large scale and non-linear systems. The operational control of such system has posed difficulties in the past to the human operator that had to take the right decisions, such as pumping more water or closing a valve, within a short period of(More)