Corneliu S. Pencea

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Existing packet schedulers that provide fair sharing of an output link can be divided into two classes: sorted priority and frame-based. Sorted priority methods provide excellent approximation for Weighted Fair Queueing (WFQ) while framebased methods are more computationally efficient. We present a new packet scheduling algorithm called Bin Sort Fair(More)
We study the propagation of calcium waves in the presence of a discrete distribution of calcium stores. Calcium-induced calcium release coupled to diffusion can be used to produce a criterion for wave propagation across connected clusters of stores. The velocity of the resulting wave and its relationship to the frequency of the excitatory stimulus can then(More)
The techniques used to provide quality of service in packet switched networks are buffer management and packet scheduling. The first line of defense against abusive flows that transmit excessive number of packets is the buffer manager. When the number of packets of a flow exceeds a threshold, new arrivals from that flow will be rejected. This threshold must(More)
Intracellular signaling often employs excitable stores of calcium coupled by diffusion. We investigate the ability of various geometric configurations of such excitable stores to generate a complete set of logic gates for computation. We also describe how the mechanism of excitable calciuminduced calcium release can be used for constructing coincidence(More)
The buffer manager provides the first line of defense against abusive flows that transmit excessive number of packets. The pipelined-sections buffer management scheme described in our earlier work [S.Y. Cheung et al., April 2001] can discriminate between compliant and abusive flows. It can also provide a lossless guarantee to compliant leaky bucket rate(More)
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