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A key component of genetic architecture is the allelic spectrum influencing trait variability. For autism spectrum disorder (herein termed autism), the nature of the allelic spectrum is uncertain. Individual risk-associated genes have been identified from rare variation, especially de novo mutations. From this evidence, one might conclude that rare(More)
Recommended Citation Bodea, Corneliu A., "Analysis of boolean functions with high second order nonlinearity" (2010). Abstract Highly nonlinear Boolean functions play a central role in the design and security analysis of high speed stream cyphers and block cyphers. We focus on analyzing the structure of Boolean functions that exhibit high second order(More)
We report on results from whole-exome sequencing (WES) of 1,039 subjects diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and 870 controls selected from the NIMH repository to be of similar ancestry to cases. The WES data came from two centers using different methods to produce sequence and to call variants from it. Therefore, an initial goal was to ensure(More)
In recent years, many business education programs have focused on the development of competences, instead of knowledge transfer. For this reason, various innovative training approaches were adopted, including educational simulations. The increasing availability of the simulation resources also contributes to the proliferation of simulation in business(More)
Due to the low peak-to-mean envelope power ratio (PMEPR) of Golay sequences together with their connection to generalized Reed-Muller codes, many authors have proposed using Golay sequences as codewords in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM). Golay sequences that unexpectedly share the same aperiodic autocorrelation function can be used to(More)
To localize genetic variation affecting risk for psychotic disorders in the population of Palau, we genotyped DNA samples from 203 Palauan individuals diagnosed with psychotic disorders, broadly defined, and 125 control subjects using a genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism array. Palau has unique features advantageous for this study: due to its(More)
One goal of human genetics is to understand the genetic basis of disease, a challenge for diseases of complex inheritance because risk alleles are few relative to the vast set of benign variants. Risk variants are often sought by association studies in which allele frequencies in case subjects are contrasted with those from population-based samples used as(More)
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