Cornelis W M van Veelen

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The persistent sodium current is a common target of anti-epileptic drugs and contributes to burst firing. Intrinsically burst firing subicular neurons are involved in the generation and spread of epileptic activity. We measured whole-cell sodium currents in pyramidal neurons isolated from the subiculum resected in drug-resistant epileptic patients and in(More)
Although the medial temporal lobe is thought to be critical for recognition memory (RM), the specific role of the hippocampus in RM remains uncertain. We investigated the effects of transient unilateral hippocampal electrical stimulation (ES), subthreshold for afterdischarge, on delayed item RM in epilepsy patients implanted with bilateral hippocampal depth(More)
OBJECT The authors undertook this study to identify predictors of persistent postoperative seizures in their group of 28 Dutch pediatric and adolescent patients with medically intractable epilepsy who underwent functional hemispherectomy. METHODS The records of 28 pediatric and adolescent patients who underwent a functional hemispherectomy in the(More)
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