Cornelis Jan Kikkert

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This paper describes a Ka band satellite beacon receiver / radiometer for measuring both the sky noise and the attenuation caused by rain and water vapor to satellite signals, at the same frequency and look angle. To enable the receiver to stay locked to satellite beacon signals with received power levels between -110 dBm and -170 dBm, a receiver with an(More)
— This paper describes two novel phase-frequency detectors. The first one overcomes the non-linear transfer characteristic found in many conventional phase-frequency detectors and thus results in a PLL-VCO with low phase noise. The second phase-frequency detector can be used in a Phase Locked Loop (PLL) to recover the carrier of a Binary Phase Shift Keyed(More)
This paper describes an Inductive Shunt PLC coupler, for coupling wideband PLC signals onto power lines with high efficiency and low distortion and shows how this can be used for measuring PLC frequency impedances of power lines, distribution transformers, motors or any other appliance. The paper presents some impedance measurements of power lines,(More)
On-line impedance analysis allows impedances of devices and power lines to be determined for the optimum design of PLC systems. By measuring changes in impedance of devices such as transformers, motors or power lines, impending failures may also be detected. This paper discusses software for the control, signal processing and calibration of the Inductive(More)