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The prevalence of colorectal cancer in the elderly is increasing and, therefore, surgical interventions with a risk of potential complications are more frequently performed. This study investigated the role of low skeletal muscle mass (sarcopenia), muscle quality, and the sarcopenic obesity as prognostic factors for postoperative complications and survival(More)
—At present, operators address the explosive growth of mobile data demand by densification of the cellular network so as to reduce the transmitter-receiver distance and to achieve higher spectral efficiency. Due to such network densification and the intense proliferation of wireless devices, modern wireless networks are interference-limited, which motivates(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Recent randomized trials have proven the benefit of intra-arterial treatment (IAT) with retrievable stents in acute ischemic stroke. Patients with poor or absent collaterals (preexistent anastomoses to maintain blood flow in case of a primary vessel occlusion) may gain less clinical benefit from IAT. In this post hoc analysis, we(More)
The advantage of using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) over the single-carrier modulation is its ability to mitigate interference and fading without complex equalization filters in the receiver [1]. OFDM systems have a high peak-to-average ratio (PAPR) which results in a high requirement for the resolution of AD converters. High-resolution(More)
We propose a novel cross layer scheme to reduce the power consumption of ADCs in OFDM systems. The ADCs in a receiver can consume up to 50% of the total baseband energy. Our scheme is based on resolution-adaptive ADCs and Fountain codes. In a wireless frequency-selective channel some subcarriers have good channel conditions and others are attenuated. The(More)
Magnetic Resonance (MR) white matter hyperintensities have been shown to predict an increased risk of developing cognitive decline. However, their actual role in the conversion to dementia is still not fully understood. Automatic segmentation methods can help in the screening and monitoring of Mild Cognitive Impairment patients who take part in large(More)
One of the most prominent characteristics of the human neocortex is its laminated structure. The first person to observe this was Francesco Gennari in the second half the 18th century: in the middle of the depth of primary visual cortex, myelinated fibres are so abundant that he could observe them with bare eyes as a white line. Because of its saliency, the(More)