Cornelis G de Kruif

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The complex viscosity of sterically stabilized (hard) silica spheres in cyclohexane has been measured between 80 Hz and 170 kHz with torsion pendulums and a nickel tube resonator. The observed relaxation behaviour can be attributed to the interplay of hydrodynamic and thermodynamic forces. The validity of the Cox-Merz rule is checked.
Small-angle neutron-scattering structure factor measurements were made on sterically stabilized silica spheres dispersed in benzene up to volume fractions of 0.30. Benzene is only a marginal solvent for the stabilizing layer on the surface of the particles. The particles are made attractive by lowering temperature. This attraction is modeled by a square(More)
The formation of electrostatic complexes between beta-casein and iota- and kappa-carrageenans is well-known. However, the molecular mechanism of the complexation has yet to be determined, particularly with respect to the conformational changes of the interacting macromolecules. High-sensitivity differential scanning calorimetry was used to study(More)
Casein micelles in milk are proteinaceous colloidal particles and are essential for the production of flocculated and gelled products such as yogurt, cheese, and ice-cream. The colloidal stability of casein micelles is described here by a calculation of the pair potential, containing the essential contributions of brush repulsion, electrostatic repulsion,(More)
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