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Immediate implants placed in infected and noninfected sites after atraumatic tooth extraction and placement with ultrasonic bone surgery.
BACKGROUND Only a few reports deal with implants placed in infected postextraction sites. PURPOSE Survival rates of a cohort of immediate implants cases placed in acute and chronically infectedExpand
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Split-crest and immediate implant placement with ultra-sonic bone surgery: a 3-year life-table analysis with 230 treated sites.
Ultra-sonic bone surgery (USBS) has been recently introduced as a novel osteotomic technique. This clinical study reports on the application of this new technique to perform ridge-split procedures.Expand
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Sinus bone grafting procedures using ultrasonic bone surgery: 5-year experience.
Ultrasonic bone surgery was recently introduced as an osteotomic technique; however, documentation is scarce. This article reports on the application of ultrasonic bone surgery for 53Expand
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Microbial biofilm modulation by ultrasound: current concepts and controversies.
Biofilm elimination is often necessary during antimicrobial therapy or industrial medical manufacturing decontamination. In this context, ultrasound treatment has been frequently described in theExpand
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Use of Ultrasonic Bone Surgery (Piezosurgery) to Surgically Treat Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaws (BRONJ). A Case Series Report with at Least 1 Year of Follow-Up
This preliminary work documents the use of a powerful piezosurgery device to treat biphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (BRONJ) in combination with classical medication therapy. EightExpand
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Atraumatic tooth extraction and immediate implant placement with Piezosurgery: evaluation of 40 sites after at least 1 year of loading.
This paper presents ultrasonic surgery (ie, Piezosurgery) as a new, relevant, and predictable method for performing atraumatic tooth extraction and subsequent implant site preparation. FortyExpand
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Split-crest and immediate implant placement with ultrasonic bone surgery (piezosurgery): 3-year follow-up of 180 treated implant sites.
OBJECTIVE To report and evaluate ultrasonic bone surgery (USBS), also known as piezosurgery, in split-crest procedures with immediate implant placement at 3 years of follow-up. METHOD AND MATERIALSExpand
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Treatment of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaws (MRONJ) with ultrasonic piezoelectric bone surgery. A case series of 20 treated sites
PurposeThere is no consensus on how to successfully treat medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaws (MRONJ). We report here on the application of piezoelectric bone surgery to treat MRONJ inExpand
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Periodontal microbiota of Sardinian children: comparing 200-year-old samples to present-day ones
Introduction: The microrganisms of the human oral cavity include more than 700 species or phenotypes of bacteria. Some “diseases of civilization” are strictly correlated to changes in the microbiomeExpand
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