Cornelia Wörner

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Pulse oximetry screening (POS) has been proposed as an effective, noninvasive, inexpensive tool allowing earlier diagnosis of critical congenital heart disease (cCHD). Our aim was to test the hypothesis that POS can reduce the diagnostic gap in cCHD in daily clinical routine in the setting of tertiary, secondary and primary care centres. We conducted a(More)
Indoor climbing and boulder facilities gain importance in therapy for patients with back pain or with psychic disorders. The effect of climbing on strength of the spine musculature has hardly been investigated in young men and women. To address this question 17 high school students agreed to enrol into a 10-week climbing course twice a week and 9 to serve(More)
Neugeborene (NG) mit kritischen angeborenen Herzfehlern (kAHF) können postnatal für eine kurze Zeit klinisch unauffällig sein, so dass eine diagnostische Lücke entsteht. In einigen Studien an einzelnen Zentren wurde das Pulsoxymetriescreening (POS) als effektives, nichtinvasives, kostengünstiges Verfahren vorgeschlagen, das eine frühere Diagnose von kAHF(More)
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