Cornelia Veja

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The success of the collaborative web-based MediaWiki platform, widely used in several projects to exchange knowledge created a new idea to use this system as a low-tech interoperability and repository layer for data providers, end users, developers and project partners. Facilitating the acquisition of knowledge for multimedia digital resources is a task(More)
Virtual research environments (VREs) aim to enhance research practice and have been identified as drivers for changes in libraries. This paper argues that VREs in combination with Semantic Web technologies offer a range of possibilities to align research with library practices. This main claim of the article is exemplified by a metadata integration process(More)
The problem we address in this paper is object segmentation applied to plant recognition. The image can contain one or more plants on a natural background. More precisely, we aim to segment flowers. This approach poses several challenges, such as texture, multiple colors that form one object, natural background, non-homogeneous regions, etc. We propose an(More)
Virtual research environments (VREs) based on Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) provide researchers with more effective means of collaborative knowledge creation. The main challenge is capturing the multi-layered and iterative research process by participatory and evolutionary design using an agile framework development. The paper focuses on the development of a VRE(More)
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