Cornelia Skoura

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In this report we present a patient with unilateral masseteric hypertrophy who used anabolic steroids and was chewing entirely unilaterally for 1 month. Computed tomography and histologic examination were used to confirm the diagnosis. The combined action of unilateral mastication and anabolic steroid use is probably responsible for the rapid development of(More)
Temporal arteritis is a rheumatic disease that affects large and medium-sized arteries. It is a severe arteritis involving both the intima and media of the vessel and is a cause of headache that is frequently diagnosed erroneously as "atypical migraine." The patients have a burning or throbbing type of pain. Ultimately, there is localized inflammation or(More)
Trigeminal neuralgia, which may involve one or more branches of the trigeminal nerve, is considered to produce one of the most severe types of pain. As it may be associated with other conditions, in some cases, the patient is subjected to unnecessary treatment. A case of nonidiopathic trigeminal neuralgia associated with internal carotid aneurysm, is(More)
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