Cornelia Richter-von Hagen

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The second central extension of the planar Galilei group has been alleged to have its origin in the spin variable. This idea is explored here by considering local Galilean covariant field theory for free fields of arbitrary spin. It is shown that such systems generally display only a trivial realization of the second central extension. While it is possible(More)
Calculations of the Casimir energy for spherical geometries which are based on integrations of the stress tensor are critically examined. It is shown that despite their apparent agreement with numerical results obtained from mode summation methods, they contain a number of serious errors. Specifically, these include (1) an improper application of the stress(More)
A Galilean Chern-Simons field theory is formulated for the case of two interacting spin-1/2 fields of distinct masses M and M . A method for the construction of states containing N particles of mass M and N ′ particles of mass M ′ is given which is subsequently used to display equivalence to the spin1/2 Aharonov-Bohm effect in the N = N ′ = 1 sector of the(More)