Cornelia P Porter

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In this article we have noted some of the conceptual and methodologic issues and challenges involved in conducting research with two ethnic/racial populations. In addition, we raised questions and gave recommendations to provide nurse researchers with guides as to how they might conceptualize and conduct and critique research with two groups. While this is(More)
This article is based on the premise that African- and Mexican-American children's responses to health and illness are rooted in their socialization into group perspectives that have been shaped by particular social and economic realities. Nurses are expected to provide care to African- and Mexican-American children, even though nurses may not have been(More)
Nursing research on race and racism began in the 1970s. However, because these concepts were seen as cultural attitudes, race and racism were obscured. The evidence on the presence of negative attitudes, biases, and stereotypes about different racial and ethnic groups is inconsistent. During the past two decades, research on race and racism has grown, but(More)
  • C P Porter
  • 1990
As increased numbers of teen mothers choose to keep and rear their children, the topic of their childrearing abilities has become the subject of intense theorizing, philosophizing, and research. Research about the developmental deviations of teen mothers' children has suggested that teen mothers are at risk for childrearing failure. The mechanisms through(More)