Cornelia Metzig

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In many of the large-scale physical and social complex systems phenomena fat-tailed distributions occur, for which different generating mechanisms have been proposed. In this paper, we study models of generating power law distributions in the evolution of large-scale taxonomies such as Open Directory Project, which consist of websites assigned to one of(More)
In the context of web-scale taxonomies such as Mozilla and Yahoo! 1 directories, previous works have shown the existence of power law distribution in the size of the categories for every level in the tax-onomy. In this work, we analyse how such high-level semantics can be leveraged to evaluate accuracy of hierarchical classifiers which automatically assign(More)
BACKGROUND Higher serum levels of at least one of a panel of four α-glucose IgM antibodies (gMS-Classifier1) in clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) patients are associated with imminent early relapse within 2 years. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to determine the prognostic value of gMS-Classifier1 in a large study cohort of CIS patients. (More)
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