Cornelia Kappeler-Setz

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Manic depression, also known as bipolar disorder, is a common and severe form of mental disorder. The European research project MONARCA aims at developing and validating mobile technologies for multi-parametric, long term monitoring of physiological and behavioral information relevant to bipolar disorder. One aspect of MONARCA is to investigate the long(More)
In this paper, we investigate monitoring of kinematic changes evoked by fatigue in running using wearable technology. Movement data were recorded with ETHOS devices. ETHOS is the ETH Orientation Sensor, a customized inertial measurement unit for unconstrained monitoring of human movement. We perform two real-world experiments, in which 21 runners of(More)
In this contribution we present two experimental scenarios in which we employed Self Organizing Maps (SOMs) to detect affective states. The first scenario is related towards designing a “Personal Stress Prevention Assistant”: we summarize our efforts to detect affective information related to stress in the posture channel. We show that a person-independent(More)
Air travel has become the preferred mode of long-distance transportation for most of the world’s travelers. People of every age group and health status are travelling by airplane and thus the airplane has become part of our environment, in which passengers could benefit from assistive support. In this regard, the European research project SEAT has(More)
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