Cornelia Jörke

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BACKGROUND Having demonstrated in a previous report that the response of circulating epithelial tumor cells (CETC) during the first cycles of primary (neoadjuvant) chemotherapy perfectly reflects the response of the tumor, in the present study the changes in cell numbers during subsequent cycles and their possible impact on the therapy's outcome were(More)
BACKGROUND Surgery of malignant tumors has long been suspected to be the reason for enhancement of growth of metastases with fatal outcome. This often prevented surgeons from touching the tumor if not absolutely necessary. We have shown in lung cancer patients that surgery, itself, leads to mobilization of tumor cells into peripheral blood. Some of the(More)
PURPOSE To demonstrate that it is possible to monitor the response to adjuvant therapy by repeated analysis of circulating epithelial tumor cells (CETCs) and to detect patients early who are at risk of relapse. PATIENTS AND METHODS In 91 nonmetastatic primary breast cancer patients, CETCs were quantified using laser scanning cytometry of anti-epithelial(More)
In Her2/neu growth factor overexpressing poor prognosis breast cancers trastuzumab has shown to improve disease-free survival as well as overall survival in metastatic and primary diseases. On the basis of these positive results, trastuzumab has also been included into studies of neo-adjuvant therapy of Her2/neu-positive T2 tumors [1]. In our previous(More)
Since natural substances like pseudoxanthins exert a positive effect on the cellulogenic ability of Acetobacter xylinum when producing cellulosic pellicles suitable for skin burn therapy, new defined and complex modulators were sought. Ca2+ and Mg2+ (4 mM) were strongly stimulatory. Na+ had no effect and K+ was inhibitory. Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate(More)
In breast cancers, the gene for the growth factor receptor HER2 can be amplified leading to increased aggressiveness and metastasis formation. The monoclonal antibody trastuzumab prolongs relapse-free survival highly significantly but eventually many patients relapse. In this study, CETC were monitored using the Maintrac® method during adjuvant trastuzumab(More)
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