Cornelia Huber

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Ovarian oestrogens have been postulated to be neuroprotective. It has also been shown that considerable amounts of oestrogens are synthesised in hippocampal neurones. In the present study, we focused on a potential role of hippocampus-derived oestradiol compared to gonad-derived oestradiol on axon outgrowth of hippocampal neurones. To address the role of(More)
Cholesterol of glial origin promotes synaptogenesis (Mauch et al., (2001) Science 294:1354-1357). Because in the hippocampus local estradiol synthesis is essential for synaptogenesis, we addressed the question of whether cholesterol-promoted synapse formation results from the function of cholesterol as a precursor of estradiol synthesis in this brain area.(More)
This study evaluated partial antagonism of tiletamine-zolazepam (TZ) anesthesia in cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) and differences between two benzodiazepine antagonists, flumazenil and sarmazenil, in this species. Four cheetahs were anesthetized three times at an interval of 14 days with an average intramuscular dose of 4.2 mg/kg TZ. In trials 2 and 3(More)
The expulsion of a primary infection of Trichinella spiralis was studied in rats fed diets containing (per kg diet) either 3 mg Zn [zinc deficient (Zn-)] or 40 mg Zn [zinc adequate (Zn+)]. A dose of 2000 muscle larvae (ML) impaired weight gain (mg/g body wt) in all groups compared with uninfected controls [eg, 0-7 d postinfection (dpi): infected Zn-, -105(More)
The course of a subcutaneous weight-related infection with Strongyloides ratti was followed in rats fed diets containing either 3 mg Zn/kg diet [zinc deficient (Zn-)] or 40 mg Zn/kg diet [zinc adequate (Zn+)]. At 19 d postinfection (dpi) the proportions of larvae persisting in the intestines as adult worms were 52 +/- 2% (means +/- SEM) for Zn-, 39.5 +/-(More)
Two long-acting neuroleptics were used to tranquilize nine captive cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus). Perphenazine enanthate (3.0 mg/kg) and zuclopenthixol acetate (0.6 mg/kg) were each administered to separate groups of three cheetahs in a double blind trial. Both products were administered together to a third group of three animals at the same dosages.(More)
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