Cornelia Hieber

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UNLABELLED We report the occurrence of an intraoperative left atrial hematoma during coronary artery bypass grafting surgery. Echocardiography proved to be of great help in diagnosis and monitoring of this patient. After severe hemodynamic impairment the patient recovered and could be transferred on postoperative day eight. Follow-up examination showed no(More)
We have developed a new technique of combined high-frequency jet ventilation (HFJV), characterized by simultaneous application of a low-frequency (LF) and a high-frequency (HF) jet stream. Tubeless supralaryngeal jet ventilation was delivered via a modified Kleinsasser laryngoscope. We studied 44 adults undergoing 45 elective surgical procedures of the(More)
BACKGROUND High-frequency jet ventilation (HFJV) is an alternative ventilatory approach in airway surgery and for facilitating gas exchange in patients with pulmonary insufficiency. We have developed a new technique of combined HFJV utilising two superimposed jet streams. In this study we describe the application of tubeless supralaryngeal HFJV during(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Endogenous catecholamines are released in brain-dead organ donors following painful stimulation during retrieval surgery, and might be harmful to harvested organs. Our hypothesis was that inhibition of pain by fentanyl would inhibit such catecholamine release. METHODS We tested 17 brain-dead organ donors in a randomized,(More)
Wir berichten über 17 Patienten mit Influenza A H1N1v assoziiertem schweren Lungenversagen (ARDS), welche zwischen 11. Juni 2009 und 10. August 2010 an einer Intensivstation (ICU) aufgenommen wurden (w/m: 8/9; Alter: median 39 (IQR 29–54) Jahre; SAPS II: 35 (29–48)). Der Body Mass Index war 26 (24–35); 24 % waren übergewichtig und 29% fettleibig. Der(More)
OBJECTIVE Single-frequency high-frequency jet ventilation (HFJV) is an established ventilatory technique during laryngotracheal surgery. This study describes the clinical use of combined HFJV, characterised by the simultaneous application of a low-frequent (LF) and a high-frequent (HF) jet stream. METHODS Two jet streams with different pulsatile frequency(More)
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