Cornelia Harris

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We are developing a purely commensal survey experiment for fast (<5 s) transient radio sources. Short-timescale transients are associated with the most energetic and brightest single events in the Universe. Our objective is to cover the enormous volume of transients parameter space made available by ASKAP, with an unprecedented combination of sensitivity(More)
Voyager 2 images of the southern hemisphere of Uranus indicate that submicrometersize haze particles and particles of a methane condensation cloud produce faint patterns in the atmosphere. The alignment of the cloud bands is similar to that of bands on Jupiter and Saturn, but the zonal winds are nearly opposite. At mid-latitudes (-70 degrees to -27 degrees(More)
In this work, we study the 'scalar channel' of the emission of Hawking radiation from a (4+n)-dimensional, rotating black hole on the brane. We numerically solve both the radial and angular part of the equation of motion for the scalar field, and determine the exact values of the absorption probability and of the spheroidal harmonics, respectively. With(More)
Organic matter that is washed onto shore, or “wrack,” is an important component of shoreline ecosystems, providing habitat for macroinvertebrates and organic matter and nutrients to both the upland terrestrial communities and aquatic ecosystems. While marine wrack has been studied extensively, wrack along freshwater shorelines has received less attention.(More)
We identified eight Panamanian watersheds in which conversion from wet tropical forest to pastures differed and assessed the effects of degree of deforestation, and down-estuary transformations, on the suspended particulate matter discharged from the watersheds, entering, traversing through mangrove estuaries, and emerging into coastal waters. Deforested(More)
A former agrichemical dealership in western Nebraska was suspected of having contaminated soil. Our objective was to characterize and remediate the contaminated site by a combined chemical-biological approach. This was accomplished by creating contour maps of the on-site contamination, placing the top 60 cm of contaminated soil in windrows and mixing with a(More)
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